The latest self-sufficient Korean travel experience for tourists

The latest self-sufficient Korean travel experience for tourists

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The latest self-sufficient Korean travel experience for tourists

Self-sufficient Korean travel experience, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Asia that any tourist wants to visit.

Korea is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Asia. It may be because the landscape in this country 4 seasons is as beautiful as the pictures. Or shopping areas with local brand cosmetics stores with very good quality and prices as well as immense promotions. And if you are planning for yourself a self-sufficient trip to Korea , let’s join Vietnam Travel to refer to the most detailed Korean self-sufficient travel experience below.

Kinh nghiệm du lịch Hàn Quốc tự túc mới nhất dành cho du khách

The latest self-sufficient Korean travel experience for tourists

Prepare visa, passport in advance for the trip to Korea

To apply for a tourist visa to Han Quoc, you need to prepare all documents and documents, translate the documents into English, prepare and arrange the documents according to the instructions at the check-in place to submit the application. , then will wait for the call to interview and receive the results to see if you have passed the visa or not. Normally, the process to apply for a visa to Korea will take about 1-2 months, even more. Therefore, in order to best prepare for the Korean tour, visitors should prepare 6 months in advance to have a thorough preparation schedule.

How to book cheap flight tickets to Korea?

The experience of many of you self-sufficient Korean travel ticket booking shows that choosing the right time to buy tickets is very important because it affects the ticket price quite a lot. In particular, the period from March to June is the time when the ticket price to Korea will be much cheaper. Conversely, at the time of autumn and winter, the price of airfare to travel to Korea will be higher. Depending on the needs of the trip and the purpose of the trip, you can arrange the travel time accordingly. Suggest some low-cost airlines to go to Korea tour that you can choose such as Vietjet Air, Jeju Air or T’Way Air. And a small suggestion for you is that you should book a night flight that seems to be cheaper.

Buy a travel sim

You can buy a sim for travel right before starting the trip with a cheaper price of only about 200k / tourist sim, and according to the shared Korean tour experience, you should buy a sim first. The trip will save money. There are also some other options if you have not prepared yourself a travel sim, you can buy a phone sim in Korea right at the Korean airport right after landing. The cost that tourists spend to buy 4g sim in Korea costs about 35kw, approximately 700,000vnd.

What means of transport to move in Korea?

Subway/bus: These are two types of means of transport that are loved by many self -sufficient tourists because of their low cost and savings in travel costs. As long as you register for T-money cards, which are commonly used in Busan and Seoul, cashbee, you can use public transport in Korea conveniently and travel many times in the year. day.
Taxi: Is a relatively luxurious and more convenient means of transportation. However, the cost of taxis will be very expensive and if you want to find yourself the optimal transportation solutions for an economical trip, then definitely. This would not be a suitable choice. In addition, you can also refer to the travel experience of renting a motorbike to move when traveling to Korea, which will save more money on the cost of traveling by taxi.

Kinh nghiệm du lịch Hàn Quốc tự túc mới nhất dành cho du khách

What means of transport to move in Korea?

Book hotel room

In Korea, there are many hotels for visitors to choose from, both modern and luxurious, with prices ranging from affordable to high-end for visitors. For the best travel, you should book hotels online through international booking sites to avoid room availability during peak travel times in Korea. Refer to some famous booking websites like or

Important notes when self-sufficient travel to Korea

In order to have the most attractive and meaningful Korean travel itinerary, besides the information about the trip’s destination, destination or cuisine, you also need to pay attention to some important notes below to Your self-sufficient travel is to the fullest.

  • First, to come to Korea, you need to apply for a visa. This is a time consuming step so you need to prepare 1-2 months in advance and preferably 6 months before the trip.
  • Plan in detail the departure and return dates and book flight tickets in advance to buy cheap.
  • Consult in advance how to use currency in Korea as well as online payment methods in this country.
  • What is the need of this trip, please carefully prepare tools, tools and clothes for the trip.
  • Determine what items to buy when coming to Korea to avoid spending too much money on many planned expenses for the trip.
  • Install several different navigation apps that can be used while traveling in Korea.

Hopefully the above article has partly shared useful self-sufficient Korean travel experiences for visitors. Definitely Kimchi is a tourist destination that is worth visiting once in your life and enjoying the wonderful things in this beautiful country.

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