Diet to prevent obesity high blood pressure diabetes

Diet to prevent obesity high blood pressure diabetes

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Diet to prevent obesity high blood pressure diabetes

Diet to prevent obesity high blood pressure diabetes
Diet to prevent obesity high blood pressure diabetes

Continue to prevent and treat ‘chronic inflammation’ with food from the top. Speaking of Mediterranean meals, it’s easy to think of only olive oil and wine, but this is the power of product marketing, and the truth is different. The Mediterranean diet can be summarized simply as a meal centered on fish and shellfish and plant foods such as plenty of vegetables, fruits, and grains. And as the main source of fat, they consume olive oil, not red meat, and do not consume much meat. The health effects listed in the table above appear when the overall eating pattern is practiced, rather than just one or two specific foods. Interest in the Mediterranean diet began not in the Mediterranean, but across the Atlantic in the United States. Concerned with the high death rate from heart disease, the US health authorities discovered that there was a large difference in the death rate from heart disease between Mediterranean people and Americans of similar body type, and began researching the reason, and found that the difference was due to eating habits. did In addition, the therapeutic effect of the Mediterranean diet was studied more actively by comparing the Mediterranean diet with the general diet. As a result, it has been reported that the Mediterranean diet has preventive and therapeutic effects on metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and myocardial infarction, various cancers, and recently, neurological diseases such as dementia. The mechanism may be because the Mediterranean diet reduces ‘chronic inflammation’. The Mediterranean diet is a good example of preventing and curing disease with food. How much does it cost to eat these Mediterranean meals? It’s more effective than any other medicine, but it won’t cost more than taking a tolerable health functional food or medicine for a month.

Diet to prevent obesity high blood pressure diabetes
Diet pyramid presented by Oldways, a food and nutrition education institute in the United States.

Let’s take another example. In the medical world, success cases are collected one by one, and when a lot of success cases are gathered and clear evidence is established, they are entered into the guidelines for treatment. The DASH diet is a case in which the strategy of treating disease with food has even entered the treatment guidelines in the modern medical world. This means that the effect has been proven. The DASH diet is an abbreviation of ‘Diet Approach to Stop Hypertension (a dietary strategy to lower blood pressure)’ and is a representative example of using food therapeutically.

The DASH diet recommends eating 8 to 10 units of a variety of rainbow-colored vegetables per day. And it is characterized by increasing the intake of low-fat dairy products and reducing foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol. This dietary habit reduces blood pressure, and it is particularly effective in prehypertensive or moderately hypertensive patients, and has the effect of increasing the response to antihypertensive drugs in more severe hypertensive patients. It also reduces cholesterol levels and improves quality of life. Now, food treatment is no longer a traditional folk remedy, but a treatment strategy of modern medicine.

If you look at the characteristics of the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet, you can see that the ratio of foods that reduce inflammation in our body is high. It can be seen that the therapeutic effects were obtained with foods that reduce inflammation, such as fish and olive oil, rather than rich vegetables, fruits, and red meat.

Traditional Korean food is also a great anti-inflammatory meal if you consider just three things

From the point of view of foreign countries where meat is the staple food, vegetable-based Korean food is included in healing food. However, since food is a product of culture and history, it is not easy to define what kind of meal Korean food refers to as Korean food has become westernized in modern times. Silky, this phenomenon is not only happening in Korea. Japan’s Okinawa region, which is famous as the world’s longevity village, also suffered from obesity and diabetes due to a westernized diet, and its old reputation was overshadowed.

Then, why don’t we apply the principles of a diet that has been proven to have a lot of therapeutic functions mentioned above to our reality? Although Korean food has been westernized and the foods eaten in daily life have changed a lot from before, it is debatable that traditional Korean food centered on grains and vegetables, such as various side dishes and rice, is superior in terms of treatment in terms of a meal that reduces inflammation that has a therapeutic function. It can be seen that there is no This is because it is similar to the Mediterranean diet, which is centered on vegetables, fruits and grains. If you add intake of healthy fats such as olive oil, increase intake of fish rather than meat for intake of healthy fats, and reduce the liver of foods that increase sodium intake, compared to Mediterranean meals, traditional Korean food can be considered as a healthy diet if you look only at its composition and characteristics. know that this can be. If only this research is conducted, I think that the results of research on various health effects will come out as much as the Mediterranean diet.

When the elements of the Mediterranean diet, the model of the anti-inflammatory meal discussed above, are applied to traditional Korean food, I think that it can be a great anti-inflammatory meal and a meal with therapeutic functions if only three things are considered in traditional Korean food.

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